Biography: singing and music, a lifelong passion

The biography of Valeria Burzi: an artistic vocation manifested in the early years and grown thanks to the passion for singing and for jazz and blues music

Music and singing: an ever-lasting passion.

Since she was a child, she instinctively preferred listening to coloured artists such as Steve Wonder, Aretha Franklyn and James Brown, showing a strong bent for Afro-American music and rhythm.

The school, university and then working life took time to her artistic vocation, that, however, she used to express, occasionally, during Charity events.

Once reached her economic independence, she could finally dedicate time and money to study music and singing, in order to become a professional singer and musician.

In the year 2000, she met the person who changed her life, her vocal coach Mrs Luisa Lodi. The never-ending curiosity towards any genre of music leads her to study and experiment various singing styles, and this makes her a versatile singer, and with a so wide repertoire, able to face any kind of stage, such as being the supporter of a concert of the famous Italian singer Alexia, during summer 2006, in Southern Italy.

Pop, soul, R&B and dance music bring Valeria Burzi to get gigs in the most popular clubs, in the area where she lives, Bologna, Northern Italy.

Some important educational experiences enrich Valeria's artistic path, such as the studies of Artistic Vocology organized by Dr. Fussi (Ravenna), and she starts studying piano with Maestro Annibale Modoni.

Valeria took her degree in Jazz Music on July 2017, at Conservatorio Frescobaldi in Ferrara.

In 2010, Valeria goes back to her first love for Afro-American music. she meets some important musicians for her musical growth (Maestri Teo Ciavarella, Roberto Manuzzi) that encourage her to set up her Soul Band with 9 elements, horn section included, but she also enters the jazz scene of her area. She performs in the most prestigious musical context for this genre, such as Porretta Soul Festival, Bravo Caffe', Cantina Bentivoglio, and she gets a contract in the most glamouros city in Switzerland, Gstaad.

She also starts working as vocal coach, with her method for modern singing, based on voicecraft and Feldenkreis vocal technique.

In 2015, web editor MusicRaisers supports the album that Valeria wants to dedicate to Afro-American music: ''Blackytude''.

The album includes Valeria's original songs, and some versions of famous blues and jazz standards.

This album obtains an exclusive National launch by Ansa official Italian press agency, and also good reviews by some important National newspapers, and Capital Radio, that appoint her among the most interesting and versatile Italian jazz and soul singers.

The song ''Dovrò fare senza te'', won and important Regional prize at the Regional contest ''Libera la musica'' (Let the music free).

To complete this good period, famous and long-running Dr Dixie Jazz Band invites Valeria to join the band as a vocalist.

"I can't figure out my life without singing. Whatever is for 2 or 2000 people, singing is a need for my soul".