Music and singing, To the roots of Afro-American music

When I was a little child, I literally wore out the  records of Steve Wonder, Aretha Franklyn, James Brown, John Coltrane, but also of Nino Ferrer, a fantastic Italian singer in those years,  who also took inspiration from Afro-American singing style, and I had a real crush on him.  For a very long time, listening was my only way to enjoy and  absorb music.

In the early 90s,  karaoke arrived in Italy, and I started singing as amateur, going out with my friends.

In the year 2000, I met the person who really changed my life, my first singing teacher, Mrs Luisa Lodi.  She was the first who told me that I could do much more with my voice, even becoming a professional singer ! I followed her advice, and in a short time, I started being paid for singing, I couldn’t believe it; and I also started facing all the fears, and the typical traps of this job, my mistakes included.

I became more and more eager to know as much as possible on the vocal instrument, and this pushed me to learn many  styles. In those years, professional singers were required to be versatile, and to have a wide and always updated repertoire.  I had the opportunity of singing in many and different kind of stages: local, luxury resort abroad, major events, as in the year 2006, when I sang as support artist for the famous Italian singer Alexia.

Once the door of my dream, making music and voice my job, was wide open, I strongly felt the need to become a musician, as well, in order write my own music, and to manage my bands. At the same time, I started studying to enlarge my skills in vocal education.

2010:  I started learning piano with Maestro Annibale Modoni. 2017: I took the 1st level Academic Degree in Jazz Singing at Conservatorio in Ferrara. 2020: 2nd level Academic Degree. 2023:  Master in Artistic Vocology at Bologna University, under the scientific direction of phoniatrician, Professor Franco Fussi.

In the year 2010, I also heard the call to go back to my ancient love for Afro-American music.  I met some persons who became very important for my artistic growth, such as Maestro Roberto Manuzzi, an important Italian saxophone player, composer, arranger, and teacher. He spurred me to set up my  8 elements soul  band (Burzi Bros Soul Band), as well as to deepen scat,  a performing art that I consider as essential for anyone claiming to be a jazz singer.  Sheila Jordan, Diana Torto, Bob Stoloff, are some of the fantastic Masters who trained my scat.

The opportunity to express myself at my best with the music of my heart, delivered me the invitation to cooperate as jazz singer with the local long-lived amateur jazz band “Dr Dixie Jazz Band”, in the period 2014-2017.  It was a very good chance to exercise my scat, and, in 2016, during an important local jazz music festival, I could met and share the stage with one of my favourite Italian artist, Mr Renzo Arbore.

Among my most important performances as Italian black voice, I quote Samedan Blues Festival, Blues River Festival,  and a participation as gospel voice guest, during Christmas Time 2016, at National TV Channel RAI24.

In the year 2011, I started writing my own music and songs, refining my skill in  composition and arrangement at Conservatorio. In 2016, my first album “Blackytude”, a tribute to Afro-American music,  was released.  It got good reviews, and I was invited to present it by very important national newspapers and radio.  That period was so exciting and rewarding for me !

The year 2021 gave me a precious gift ! The fine quartet "Quartetto Z", made by academic professors,  which boasts featuring with some of the most beautiful Italian voices, asked me to cooperate as vocalist for a new release. Together, we produced a reinterpretation of the famous ballad "I can’t tell you why", by The Eagles,  which was broadcasted by some of the most important Italian radio.

I started working also as voice teacher and vocal coach in the year 2008, and now this is my main activity, and also my greatest passion ! Your voice can be a precious  healer for you !  You can get info about my vocal education at page "Vocal Coach".

… and after all this … in the year 2022, cancer came. I had to stop suddenly my job to get operated.  10 months of total inactivity, but  now I’m recovering quite well !  Living such a hard experience is like being asked by somebody: " … so, what are you willing to let go to get back to life in total healing ? " … Everything, except what I am: I’m a singer, a musician, a songwriter, a vocal and music educator, now enriched by further and precious empathetic and empiric skills, that this awful experience somehow gave me !

After all, my famous fellow citizen and songwriter, Mr Lucio Dalla, sang  "… a flower can rise again on a bad situation ...".