Vocal Coach for passion

Vocal coach, expertise gained in many years of study and work, deep knowledge of the vocal tract.

My passion and intention to pass the art of singing to the students came when I discovered that the vocal instrument is able not only to make beautiful music, but it is also a highly reliable therapeutic vehicle to dissolve our fears.

Each voice is unique and deserves to be listened to, provided that it is duly educated.

Nowadays, we are witnessing the fabrication of a multitude of “miraculous” and fast methods to teach singing, such as the “online vocal class”, and many others.

I prefer the tradition: competence obtained in years of study and experience in vocal coaching, constant updating, a deep knowledge of the working principles of the vocal tract, passion and dedication to my job.

I started teaching when I understood I was ready to start giving the stage to my students, happy to pass them my experience.

I have no super fast, nor “miraculous” method to promote, but my method is honest, professional, and it works! The most motivated students start getting gigs just after the first school year!

I hope to see you in my class!